A Heartfelt Thank You & Remembrance

March 30, 2024
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As we embrace the spirit of the Easter Season, we'd like to share with you the heartfelt tribute to Laura Ann Dzwigalski that took place at the Senoia Area Historical Society on March 26th. It was an event filled with warmth, remembrance, and community spirit. A large number of friends, including many who served with Laura in one or more of the organizations to which she was a member, came together to celebrate Laura's remarkable influence and legacy.

This gathering also served as a pivotal moment for our community, highlighting a generous contribution from the Laura Dzwigalski Community Enrichment Fund to the Coweta Street Park Initiative. Laura's parents and her sister set up this special fund to which the monetary donations from family, friends, and various organizations could be applied.  


The event reflected Laura's ethos of service and her unwavering commitment to our community. It featured comments from her family and moving speeches that reminisced about her dedication to various organizations and her passion for making a positive impact.

Hal Sewell, a committed Senoia resident and active community member, led the tribute to Laura, announcing the donation towards the park of $28,855. Pastor Ashley Jenkins and Linda Loomis also shared touching memories of Laura, underlining her spirit of selflessness and community service.

In remembering Laura, we also want to highlight the importance of reaching out for help if you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide Please call or text 988 for assistance. 


Coincidentally, today, March 30th, is National "Take a Walk in a Park Day", which resonates with Laura's love for the outdoors and her joyful spirit, especially toward children. Laura would have been thrilled to see the joy and playfulness at Coweta Street Park once it's fully realized.

Laura's commitment to serving others is realized through the generosity of family, friends, and the community, a testament to how much Laura is loved and missed.

This Easter season, let's honor Laura's legacy by embodying kindness, generosity, and community spirit. Let her life inspire us to ask ourselves, "What good shall I do this day?"

Video from Event

Memories of Laura

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The Coweta Street Park Initiative is a Project of Coweta Community Foundation.

You may download the PDF by clicking here.
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